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Paul Sanderson-Cimino wrote:
I'm familiar with a few forms of ukemi from shihonage. I hope I'm understanding the topic properly.

1) Pin form: Nage goes straight down to kneeling, hand beside foot. Uke bends back to follow with shoulders, not dropping hips. Important: Big slap from high up to take up impact. Should be simultaneous to avoid shoulder injury! I believe the purpose of this 'stylized' fall is to represent a very fast takedown where uke has no time to do anything but keep the chin tucked to the chest (general back breakfall rule) and slap to absorb force.
Actually in our dojo (and the other Yoshinkan ones I've been exposed to so far) at advanced levels the takedown *is* done so fast that this fall is required. Still my second-scariest way to fall...
2) Throw form: Nage brings uke off-balance as usual for pre-takedown form. However, instead of going down, nage simply steps forward, extending through the arm. This brings uke off balance and sends them into a backward roll.
From what I understand the original poster was asking about a different version: Execute the shihonage as for the types above, until before the cutting forward/down. Then, instead of having uke's hand behind his shoulder (elbow pointing up) and "folding him over", move the hand a bit to the outside until his elbow points to the side / towards you. Then (carefully!) do the cut. Either uke is relaxed and experienced enough to do a rather hefty high breakfall or his elbow breaks.
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