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Ian Williams
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Nafis Zahir wrote:
Go to the following websites: or

and purchase the ukemi tapes by Donovan Waite Sensei. This will be of great help. I've been doing Aikido for almost 9 years and these tapes have made a big difference. Hope it helps you out.
Can't find links to purchase these tapes on those two sites. any assistance would be gratefully received.

Had a horror night on the mat last night. I am still a white belt (jujitsu) almost finished the grading for my green/white. I was asked by one of the shodans to be the Uke for a higher student practicing leg reaping moves. I suggested I may not be ready for that as my ukemi is not strong but he asked that I give it a go anyway.

Well... After about 30 different takedowns (I do not exagerate) with perhaps 3-4 what I would call "successful" break falls, I was hurting quite badly and it was over.

Today, EVERYTHING hurts. My neck, my back, my ribs, my arms. EVERYTHING. Last night I was quite upset when I got home as I was genuinly scared during the last few takedowns/throws as I had landed badly a couple of times by then. I guess it's my own stupid fault for not saying something sooner but one does not want to appear "weak".

Oh well. chalk it down to another of lifes experiences and I hope these pains go away soon

I'm enjoying jujitsu but I do think that not enough emphasis is put on ukemi before ungraded students are asked to perform pretty nasty falls.. (A full leg reap when you go down on your back is damn scary, as I am sure you can remember from your beginning days)
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