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Michael Mules
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Question let he who is without sin.....

Brad Medling (ikkitosennomusha) wrote:
Also, you are welcome to start a thread etc. but, please refrain in doing so until you have some depth to your post.
Don't you think that's being a bit restrictive, Brad? Especially to someone who has mostly posted asking for assistance in the other forums? This is the Introductions forum after all. I could possibly understand such a response if Jimmy were posting on a topic he did not have a good grasp of, but in the introductions forum....?

Oh well. Hi Jimmy, I'll probably see you at training down the track (same organisation, different dojo). And remember, you're an Aussie; your command of the English language is automatically better than those who invented it and those who pronounce "Z" as though it's a sleepy insect . (What other english-speaking nation so evocatively expresses its essence with the phrase "Oi, oi, oi"?)

So please may I echo Jun, and ask if you could leave the CAPS key off, and spell all words fully (it makes my poor eyes look like this and I'm ugly enough already without that happening).

Cheers, Mike

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