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Great comments!

Sorry about the typo Jo. To get further into detail. The sensei, at that time, was teaching is a university gym for free. Our old mats were even donated. He was collecting $45/month pure profit with no overhead. There were sevearl occasions that for some reason or another I would be the only one to show up. I was dissapointed the whole hour trip back as it was a waste of an afternoon. It was known that I was a poor college student that made great sacrifices to be there. The sensei and the other students lived about 5-10 minuites away and took practice for granted, whereas I did not.

Also, I had alot of problems with basketball practice in the gym. I would show up and the universtity would be practicing ball either because sensei (who works at that university) either did not reserve the gym in time or basketball sometimes took prescidence. In either case, he knew what a trip I have to make to train and could have checked in advance to see if things were kosher so at least I could get the proper courtesy call if we were not going to have practice.

Yes, with one person it is hard to get in the mood but when we are not in the mood to go to work, do we have the luxury to deny our employer? Would a preacher turn away those who sought his sermon? I could live with this on occasion but there were time this would happen 3-5 times a month!

Like the point that was made earlier, if he is collecting dues and just one person made the effort to show up, then that person came to learn some aikido! Many people train aikido alone as in another thread, so what would be terrible about 2 people? It could be that one seeks gratification among the masses and is not in a humble state of mind to accomodate the few??

Brad Medling

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