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I used to have the same problem with just one side. I would just stop mid-way and flop over.

I did three things:

1. It helps to really make sure to roll in as small a ball as you can. The smaller the tuck, the less momentum you lose.

2. If you are doing the above, but just don't have enough momentum, use your arms to create a little extra. So if you are doing a right backward roll (right foot starting in front), sort of throw your arms over your right shoulder (you should be rolling left hip to right shoulder).

3. You know the warmup where you put your feet over your head? In yoga it's similar to "The Plow". Do that then tilt your head to one side and put your feet to the opposite side. Do this slowly. Look for your stopping points. Analyze what you are doing. You are looking to not put pressure on your neck and that both feet go to the same side. This helped me alot with my "bad" side as I realized I was going more straight back rather than diagonally.

You can alter the third one and practice the rolling halfway stand up exercise. Instead of rolling straight back, roll from your left hip to right shoulder, then stand up switch stance and roll from your right hip to left shoulder.

Hope that Helps,

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