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Neil Mick
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Wow, good responses, all. Thanks for the input.

To elaborate on some of the questions about my class: its an "activity" course, worth 1 college credit. I normally fill up to the maximum # of students (40) by the first week, and then it slacks off to about 25 or so, by the end.

All students in activity courses (other examples of courses are wrestling, yoga, badminton, etc) are expected to write a short paper, at some point in the course. I to tow the line between posing an easily-researchable question, and one that makes them think, a little.

By the end of the course, students are expected to demonstrate a series of moves roughly corresponding to 5th kyu, at most dojos.
Daniel Rozenbaum (DanielR) wrote:
Hi Neil,

Interested - how do your students react to questions like these? Do you find that such a short exposure to Aikido is a good enough basis for your students to answer these questions?
I have yet to encounter a student who complained about the exam, or wrote a negative comment about them on the evaluations. Also, the grade-scale is such that if they totally opted out of doing the exam and did well in all other areas (attendance, etc), they could STILL expect a B- (yes, most of them get letter-graded. The rest go for credit/no-credit grades).

Thanks again for your feedback: I'll consider all your ideas for upcoming exams. Any other ideas? I'll try to check in on this thread a bit more, than I have...apologies.
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