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Not entirely relevant but here goes: I'm currently writing my master thesis, and is therefore on leave from job and sits at home. When I need a short break I either check out aikiweb (major time sink...) or I pick up either my jo or my bokken and practice a few Kata's. My office however is about 4 x 3 meters, and the ceiling is sloped on from about the middle and outwards, so I have to 'adapt' my training quite a bit.... Probably not worth much as practice, but it's a nice way to clear my mind....

Apart from that, our dojo is not very large - about 11 x 11 meters or so with two concrete pillars dividing it up. Yesterday we were almost 20 people on the mat, and we had loads of fun. Needs a great deal of care though - not to throw uke into someone else...

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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