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to the second paragraph, he does teach very specific things about posture and precision if you pay attention.
Isn't that what I said? If not that's what I meant. That was my point. He teaches what's needed. Don't you? Do you not find that certain people or certain groups need certain themes over and over much more than they need other themes? That doesn't negate the other themes.
this would be where I would ask you to grab my wrists and then ask you to tell me when I am breathing as I throw you
I probably wouldn't be able to. I've experimented quite a bit with this whole breathing thing. My experience has been that I can sense it in most mudansha. My seniors, or near equals offer a greater challenge. But isn't everything like that? I can't push most of my seniors in kokyudosa. But I can move a new person like nothing.
activiely trying to sync you breath is IMO a mistake,
Of course. ACTIVELY TRYING to do anything in Aikido is a mistake. It doesn't work until you've made it so secondary that conscious thought of it is irrelevant. Musashi's Void.

I don't know, perhaps this whole line of thinking will eventually end up being fruitless for me. To date, I've found it a useful idea. So for the time being I must disagree with you.
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