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Anne Marie Giri (giriasis) wrote:

I love training with people stronger than me, and most of them love training with me. I have a great working relationship with one particular classmate. He's very muscular and strong. We constantly seek each other out. His challenge with me is figuring out how to control me without muscling me, and my challenge is discovering how to get around his strong attacks. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

I think at least for me and in some ways as a woman I never really thought I could hurt a man, especially you big strong guys. I discovered this with the above mentioned guy when I did nikkyo to him during jiyuwaza. Perhaps these folks don't really realize they can hurt you? It's still a thought I have to realize, that I CAN hurt someone. It's freaky and empowering at the same time.
Hi Anne!

I completely agree! I don't know why but at one seminar I went to, I sought this particular female out and she sought me out. For some reason, we worked well with each other. She is an excellent aikidoka and I learned alot from her.

Brad Medling
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