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Great reply George! Makes great sense!

To Josh:

Your reply is a little messy and I am not sure what you a exactly trying to say as I would need to reread it. So I will comment on what I think it is you are saying.

I am not reffering to any type of learning/physical curve between male and female. I am speaking in general terms. I don't really know whats hard to understand about my post as I can't simplify it any further. Again, most women don't have the luxury of relying on extra strength when needed so the technique needs to be applied with careful attention. This applies to weaker males as well. I only chose women in Japan as a fine examply not meaning to single out the gender biased position you are trying to take. Don't be a knuckle head and try to look beyond what I am saying.

So, if I had used weak males as an example would you be barking up a tree because I used weak males as an example?

I now defer you to the excellent reply by George for sentiments I share!

Brad Medling

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