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Ron Tisdale
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Hi David,

I'd have to politely disagree with most of that last post. In the first instance with uke blocking to a different side or moving a different way than the 'standard' a different technique. Simple. The kaiten nage kata are set up **assuming** a certain reaction...but this does not mean that shite should **assume** any particular reaction **outside of the performance of the kata**.

All of the other points you made simply do not make any sense to me relative to my practice of this technique on the mat. Take for instance using an elbow as I pass under uke's arm. Every time I 'missed' and actually hit uke in the ribs with my elbow, it has facilitated the throw, by uke bending over and following me as I pivoted and crosstepped back. When I strike to the neck as they are now bent over the strike simply get their head down if its not already, or keeps it down. The knee to the face is in the same direction as the movement for the final throw. So I see absolutely no problems with any of the atemi. I guess we just have different experiences in this case.


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