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Ah yes, why *do* people use that frickin' word, or I should say, OVERuse that word! Transcend...! "Oh, let's dance with our Auras"!
I just like to say that I get a distance from my chattering mind. No need to get esoteric! ;-) As I've heard it said by a wise man: "Awareness is more than enough."
Actually, you have it right about the eyes closing in meditation. It is said that about 85% of our energy is involved in our eyes. So, when you close them for meditation you are reclaiming all that energy. But then comes the tricky part -- not getting distracted from right here-right now! The only moment there is...
Here's the web-site of someone who seems to understand these things:
Pretty Kewl Flash intro...! :-)

It is sincerity!
First cultivate sincerity with all your heart.
So realize this truth --
The World of Reality and the World of Appearance are One.
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