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Spinning Out

Brad Medling (ikkitosennomusha) wrote:
Wow, I really don't need to comment on this one because you'all did a graet job on it. I agree with everyone so far.

If this ever happens for whatever reason, it is time for henka-waza. A great alternative would be this: When yous start to rotate underneath and uke spins out, maintain his arm extended while you slide behind uke for a traditonal figure 8 kokyunage. This works nicely and will remedy the situation!

Brad Medling
I would like to point out here that "spinning out" is not a very good response to shihonage and that anyone who could have spun out could have done a kaeshiwaza and you'd be down already. Spiining out is usually only done by the new folks in the dojo who haven't been shown why they don't want to try it.

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