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John Murray (maynard) wrote:
I believe gokyo in our dojo is similar to ikkyo, but performed from the inside. I have not heard of the others.

Hi John!

Most know up to gokyo which is sort of an arm bar version of ikkyo. Gokyo of course means "5th teaching" and many of you will never hear the terms "6th teaching, 7th teaching" and so on. So most of you might feel there were no numbered teachings beyonf 5. Now, In Tomiki-ryu, they do not use this terminology, rather they try to verbally explain the technique. Aikikai uses the "Ikkyo" and so forth.

Back on the topic, many of you I am sure have performed Rokkyo and so on and just did not know it was the 6th teaching. With a little research, you will see what I mean. Thanks for the reply!


Brad Medling
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