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Michael Bravo
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Ron Tisdale wrote:
I do notice that many of the atemi in yoshinkan basic kata seem designed to hit, not just distract, and they generally do not interupt the flow of the technique, as demonstrated by the top instructors. The atemi often seem to be as the foot plants and the body turns (as in yokomenuchi shihonage), or in a body change (as in shomenuchi iriminage ichi), so that the atemi is flowing out of the movement of the whole body. In my experience, etc. etc.

From my limited experience I can somewhat confirm this - over the last two or three years our dojo have had the privilege to see Terada Sensei and some aikidokas of his "following". I understand that Terada Sensei has a special fondness of the atemi techniques, and, in fact, he never missed the chance to indicate where the atemi happens "naturally" in the flow of a technique. We just have had a seminar (in February) led by Kenji Nakazawa Sensei, 5th dan from Yokosuka, and the whole 2-day seminar was dedicated to use of atemi in several basic techniques.

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