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Yann Golanski wrote:
Irimi nage is one of those technique I love but cannot manage in randori for the life of me. Probably because I don't understand it as well as I should. Any idea from as to how to improve it on resisting targets?
Yann, I've got 2 words for you - body mechanics .

Aigamae ate works very well for me in randori, probably for the same reasons that tenkai kotegaeshi does not work so well.

The easiest form of it to get off in randori is with sen timing imo (iow let em run into the technique as they enter to attack), but if you can't get that here's a general rule I follow -

1) After avoiding don't do too deep of a kuuzushi by leveraging the arm, as this may cause Uke to over extend forward, causing you to do more work to carry him backward with the technique, a light reactive posture break tends to work better, using Uke's natural desire to regain balance against him. Iow, engage the lead hand lightly and only slightly break posture forwards. This is shown in the randori no kata videos by Nariyama pretty much.

2) Apply sho tei to the chin or forearm along the line of the jaw to leverage the head backwards to the point where the spine starts to lock out. Iow Uke's head should be extended so far back that he almost looks like a letter "C" in profile. Keeping this backward posture break, do a strong irimi with the leg that is nearer to Uke (normally this is done tsugi ashi). This technique should throw Uke backwards.

3)In the event that there is resistance to the backward posture break in 2, immediately turn Uke's head so that it moves straight down your centre line, or even across the front of your body (almost over your hip). What this does is increase the amount of energy that is applied toward the ground on Uke's weak line, causing him to fall across your front instead of backwards as happens most time.

Hope these help. Of course if Uke is still resisting, a switch to Ushiro Ate always works .


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