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William Westdyke
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Press the advantage?

Some of my fellow students and I have an ongoing gentleman's argument and I would like some outside thoughts. The problem is some of us believe muscles don't help in Aikido and some of us believe they do. Is Aikido about using leverage and position or should it not require any strength to execute the moves? Basically put, all other things being equal (skill, speed, size) would a stronger person be a more capable Martial artist and fighter?

Heres my take on it. I believe that being stronger can make you a better practitioner of Aikido. I see Aikido as a MA based on leverage and positioning but a lever still needs energy to move. We use our muscles to move every part of our bodies, why shouldn't strength play a role in how well we move someone else's body.

Do you think it is beneficial to a person's Aikido to lift weights?


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