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Peter, I'm certainly guilty of similar sentiments re bokken (bleh, hate long weapons ).

So, with that caveat in mind: Jesse, try substituting your bokken for a shorter stick or a knife with a long handle (large cook's knife is ideal) and try exactly the same bokken movements. Check whether you feel your body movement is the same (pay particular attention to where your centre is) and then move on to one-handed (either hand). Not only do you get to practice your nice bokken kata footwork, but you'll hopefully get used to having a more realistic-sized weapon in your hands and realising what your striking distance is with different lengths of weapons.

Bokken/jo practice for me is one of the more impractical bits of aikido (ducks flames of "but its where aikido comes from" and "Maia! movement!"). However, I have always been taught all moves on both sides, so just give it a go.
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