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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
You just haven't seen Nishi sensei - one of Nariyama Shihas's best deshi ever. It's not exactly kata form but he has a wicked tenkai kotegaishi ( shihonage) in randori.
Hehe, I'd bet Peter,

My post just indicated how lacking MY tenkai kotegaeshi is. Also being the tallest person in the dojo most times does not help when your shorter partner is just waiting for that Ushiro Ate opening . More practice for me as usual. I do get off a nice shi ho nage that "does not exactly conform to kata specifications" when practicing with my more experienced ppl though, y'know the ones who can do the kotegaeshi ukemi from shi ho nage cuz they have no other choice.

Brad: Everyone is privy to his/her own opinions, but I think saying that one does not approve of something and then decide to not give a reason defeats the purpose of making the statement to begin with. If your feelings are such that you don't want to explain them, then how does stating your disapproval alone aid in the learning process of those viewing and participating in the thread?

As far as Henka waza goes, I have had a couple beginners who have shocked some of my more experienced members in how quickly they naturally find counters to some techniques, without having been taught them previously.

Adaptation to a quickly and constantly changing position is basically what it's about, and there are those that may just have a talent for it from doing things that increase body and situational awareness, such as dance for example. I specifically remember a latin dancer who turned a shi ho nage around on someone by "dancing" out of it and then copying the technique after only a couple classes. Of course, a perfect techinque leaves no openings, so it's all a learning process.

I wil agree however, that to "master" it, there must be a sound grounding in kihon, but this does not mean that one may not be able to do it at a very basic level.

Just my 1/2 cent.


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