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I was really interested to hear what O'Sensei had said about his own aikido, Ted and Nick. One thing I would like to ask Ted (or anyone else that knows);

I've heard that Ueshiba actually disliked the use of weapons in the dojo (esp. later on in his life) and said that it wasn't aikido; actually reprimanding someone for bringing a bokken (I think) into the 'class'. Ted, you said that Saito noted much of Ueshibas stuff down in an objective way. However, Saito is well known for his weapon work (probably through his 'advanced aikido' range of books). Also, Ueshiba's uchidechi went off for weekends etc and did a lot of weapon work.

Did Ueshiba feel weapon work was a part of aikido, or did he not? Or did he just not want to train his non uchideschi students in weapon work (was he worried that someone he didn't know or trust would be learning it?).

Any views?

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