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Chuck is if anything a gentleman. I think what he was getting at was your authoritative and sweeping generalization as to what training in Japan is like - one could not help but understand from your post that the experience was direct. As he points out the truth as that in Japan (as in the West) there is an incredible variation in teaching style between organizations and even within.

For example technique explanation, especially kihon, in my style of Aikido tends to be incredibly detailed. My personal style (I teach in Japan to Japanese) tends to be less verbal than Honbu (probably due to my limited Japanese) and in fact when I want the detailed explanation I ask my assistant to do the job. As an ex-team captain of a University club he has the cadence for Kihon waza memorized.

As you said in another post you are relatively new to the forums. There's a wealth of information and entertainment available. My advice is state what you know (fact), state what you think (opinion) and try not to mix the two.

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