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Chris Wright (chris wright) wrote:
...imho i think there are many atemi 'hidden' within our aikido techniques....I was recently shown a kaiten nage, which included an atemi strike to the back of the neck (shuto uchi) and when the hip was brought through for the projection a knee strike to the face.
Free associating here, I've been reflecting on ATEMI after a seminar with William Gleason in Tallahassee. Heretofore I have used ATEMI to pre-empt UKE from hitting me or to distract him/her. Gleason used it rather more elegantly to direct UKE.

He did a very uncomfortable, for UKE, SHOMEN UCHI IKKYO where he allowed the attack to come down on one side of his body (right arm attack coming down onto his left shoulder--I usually like to take the arm quickly into forward SHIKAKU immediately.) His left arm braced UKE's elbow and his right arm bent sticking the elbow very threateningly into UKE's face. This had the effect of turning UKE right where you want him to go.

Now I'm reexaming how I use and conceive ATEMI.

(There were other very interesting things to come out of the Gleason seminar, too. I highly recommend taking him in if you have the chance.)

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