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Ian Hurst (happysod) wrote:
On a more serious note, I agree randori is a very good test, but I've still seen rather iffy techniques in randori which did, dare I say it, intimate an element of compliance on uke's part... That is why I wanted the qualification (anyway, hadn't managed to disagree with Yann yet and felt it was time)
To risk another Shodokan commercial. Iffy techniques of any form tend not to survive in "Shodokan Randori" simply because your partner is intent on shutting down or countering your technique at every available opportunity from Kuzushi to Kake.

I guess this may be part of why techs like shi ho nage are rarely seen when I do randori. The counter is just too easy imo so I don't risk it most times, unless it's practically given to me.

I think there are "correct" and "incorrect" ways of doing technique, but this may have more to do with the situation/environment etc. in which the technique is done rather than which style/shihan says that "this is the one true way." Much of the techs I teach in self defence classes are often quicker, sharper, less movement involved variations of their Aikido kata counterparts.

Just my thoughts.


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