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ian wrote:

Also, although we like to think that all Ueshiba's Uchideshis adapated their aikido to suit their body/temperament etc, I worry that really, all the uchideshis didn't get the whole picture and Ueshibas aikido was only practised by Ueshiba.

The problem is people aren't happy to learn new things. I'm sure we've all encountered the guy at a course who doesn't do the technique as demonstrated because that's not how he learned it the first time, and "corrects" you for actually paying attention to the teacher. Actually, most of us ARE that guy a fair amount of the time. Too many people spend too much time being good students to bad teachers and bad students to good ones.
My first teacher constantly told us that we couldn't learn aikido from one person. That's probably why I spend so much time reading this. (Reading doesn't improve my Aikido, but sometimes it gives me a new approach to bring to the mat.) Which reminds me that I want to start training with the local ki-aikido club as well. So there you go.

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