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[quote="Brad Medling" If anyone has ever trained in Japan, you will notice a distinct difference in methodology of that between American and Nihongo sensei.

In Japan, the sensei will demonstrate a technique fairly quickly a time or two and then you will have to do it. There isn't much broken down explanation of the technique so you have to learn to be very articulate in your analysis of what the sensei is doing. Not much persoanl attention. I find a little more instruction here in the states.[/QUOTE]

Mr. Medling,

You deliver your posts with some authority and broad statements at times. In my experience, I have found many teachers in Japan to be as you describe, however, there are also many that come from different traditions and teaching styles that differ from the teaching model you describe.

Would you help us get to know you better by expanding on your history and experience in the practice of budo? You wrote in one post that you are a nikyu in your current practice. Is your knowledge experiential or gathered from others' writings in books? Nothing wrong with book knowledge if you quote your sources.


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