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C.E. Clark (Chuck Clark) wrote:
Hi Peter, How's tricks?
Doing fine - hope the same goes for you.
I'm sorry to be a rebel, but in my understanding the answer is "both" and it isn't an easy answer.
Serves me right for trying to force the question.
There are many complex factors to consider if you want to get into the real reason for "both" being the answer. I'm going to cop out and ask any one that's interested to think about it a bunch and ask their teacher. I suspect that each teacher has a pretty unique answer. I have an answer, but it applies to the relationship between me and my students. It's most likely different for other teachers and I can't speak for them. My answer is really not useful for anyone that's not my student.
Fair enough - I would never argue that there is no dynamic between student and teacher. I was interested in the idea in context of your article. To take your observation a little further I suspect each student has a pretty unique answer also.


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