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There are wrong ways to do a technique if that technique doesn't follow your styles basic principles.

Kote gaeshi is a perfect example. I learned it one way when i studies jujitsu (jujitsu was based on pain), and another at my aikido school (based on kuzushi with no pain).

to do it the jujitsu way will work, but it is "WRONG" to do it that way in my aikido school where pain is frowned upon.

notice i said "in my school". if i am attacked, and I do kote-gaeshi and it works, well then whatever way i did it wasn't wrong at all.

different schools emphasize different underlying principles. so if other ways are said to be wrong, then find out why. it might conflict with your schools methods.

that being said, Ego and marketing can also come into play like Greg mentioned.

what reason did your 'Iwama" style instructor give for your technique to be wrong?

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