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I hear you talkin' brother! I travel several times a year and try to practice wherever I may roam. (insert Metalica song here) Anyway, I visited a dojo a few years ago in California that was Iwama style. Myself being Aikikai I said to myself who cares, it's all good. Being a rather large school in the SF area, there were many top rank instructors there. They could tell immediately I was Aikikai style. This would be one of the few times I actually felt 'snubbed' by other students. I was embarrassed. After class one of the students gave me an article about how Iwama style is superior to Aikikai, how Aikido evolved from the barbaric Aikikai to the civilized Iwama style we have today. I was truly offended and never to return to that dojo. I have practiced many styles of Aikido; Aikikai, Iwama, Ki, Yoshinkan, they all have something to teach and I will always be willing to learn. We teach variations in techniques at our own dojo. The exact same technique may not work all the time even on the same person. Nage might not be where he intended and may need to adjust. I have many screw drivers in my tool box. Functionally they are all the same, but I have different sizes and colors depending on what I am doing. You're Aikido tool box should be the same. Same technique with many styles and colors depending on the circumstance.

Martial arts are indeed a lot like religion. I have chosen my path but I don't mind sharing in yours if I feel I can learn something from it. Especially if it involves holidays, gift giving, parties, and feasts with lots of food and alcohol!

Victims, aren't we all.
-- Eric Draven
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