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David Yap
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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
If someone walks through my door with previous Budo experience they are more likely to stay than absolute beginners. I think this is because they know what to expect vis a vis frustration, blood, sweat and tears.

I agree absolutely with Peter. Take me for example, been doing karate for more than 30 years (hold a 3rd Dan)and practising aikido for the past 10 years. A visiting shodan aikido instructor from another dojo asked me last week why was I there in my shihan's class. I assumed that he wanted to know why a karate instructor like me would want to study aikido. When I told that him that I was there for spiritual reasons, he laughed out loud and said, "Why? You mean there are spirits here". I saw no point to explain further to him.

Karate has taught me to bring a person down with a strike or a punch or a kick or a sweep. Now what would I do, if the rule forbids me to use any of the above tools that I've learned so well. More so, if I enforce this rule on myself with this objective - whatever techniques I need to use to control/subdue an attacker, I must do it with minimal effort and maximum effect (and reality). Hence, unlike some aikidoka who have no prior MA skill and understanding, I train with a different prospective and I believe I can advance in Aiki-Do at a much quicker pace.

Brad, there are both linear and circular movements in karate, the linear movements you are familiar with are only in sports karate (kumite), look at the kata and you will be surprise to see the various aikido techniques there, to the trained eyes karate-jutsu have many circular movements. There is a beautiful and quite accurate written article in Aikido Journal website detailing the differences and similarities of karate and aikido that you should read. Most of the past and present shihan who studied aikido under O'Sensei have/had also done karate.



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