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"My style is better than your style because my sensei is so hard he chews small rocks for breakfast..."

*sigh* There is no wrong or right in techniques just things that work for you and don't work for you. For some people, Aikido really works and they thrive on it for others they find it ineffective and stupid. If one form was magical and worked 100% for all nage on all uke whatever their resistence, we'll all be learning that one true magical path and ignoring the rest!

I would say that Aikido consists of about 20 basic techniques which can be applied in hundreds of ways depending on nage and uke. If nage is 7 feet tall and uke is 4, I can hardly go getdan ate, but once the roles are swaped it's a different story.

Of course, that's a very Shodokan view...

The people who understand, understand prefectly. York Shodokan Aikido
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