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Variations of Technique

I went to a dojo that taught the Iwama Style. The whole time I was there, we were always taught that our way was the right way and we always shown why techniques done in others ways were wrong, ineffective, and most of all, not traditional. Now I am in the Aikikai and learning that there are many different variations to techniques and they all have their advantages. I'm never told that the way I used to do a technique was wrong, but that it was just different. I've also found that I sometime have to do a technique differently, depending on who I'm doing it to. (i.e. someone bigger, stronger, or real flexible) But is this okay? Should we vary our techniques, or should learn to do the technique where as we can do it to whomever without having to vary them? Chiba Sensei once said at a seminar, that we shouldn't get locked in to doing a technique one way. We should always search for a better way. However, Chiba Sensei can do nikkyo to anyone and alot of aikidoka can't, even though they've been training for a long time. I would like to get everyone's opinion on this one. Train hard!

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