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That reminds me of a prspective student of Aikido who walked up to O'sensei one day-- he told O'sensei, "Wow, this is very interesting. I would really like to practice your Aikido sometime." O'sensei replied "Well, that's odd-- everyone else wants to practice their Aikido."

Paraphrased by me, as stories told by mouth often are...

I'm also of the belief that Aikido will become more like karate or ju-jitsu, but rather with different styles all calling themselves Aikido... however, I can only hope that the principles, the ettiquete, the true Spirit of Aiki remains untainted for many years to come so that the next generation of Aikidoka can enjoy a wonderful way of life.


Nick Porter
"Do not fall into the trap of the artisan who boasts twenty years of experience, when in fact he has had only one year of experience-- twenty times."
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