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Hi Mr. Clark and Mr. Hill:

I particularly enjoyed the comment by Chuck regarding "sensitizing" and "desensitizing". I am glad that you payed attention to this Charles.

First let me say that I totally agree with the explanation that Chuck gave you Charles (I skimmed it) and if Chuck has not already mentioned this, let me add to his fine explanation.

When encountering a new endeavor, most of us go through this process. In the martial arts, namely aikido, we go throught the mental and physical process of desensitizing and resensitizing as we let go of our fear while gaining confidence, let go of our ego while gaining humility, let go of selfishness and convey servitude, etc, etc. This is, I feel, some of what Chuck is saying. Lets look at another twist that I have encountered.

Often times when a guest would come in, I learn that they have trained in another art, namely karate. They usually have trouble understanding the concepts and ideology behind the techniques. I tell most of them after dicover that they are of a different background, that have to unlearn what has been learned in their karate experience.

Why? First of all because of the principles. Aikido is passive (can be made agressive) while karate is aggressive. Aikido utilizes the concept of concervation of energy while karate mostly expends energy. These are just to name a couple as most serious practioners know it gets alot deeper than I am willing to go in this article. Body movement is a lot more complex and dynamical in aikido where in karate it is mainly linear.

A karateka has to "convert religions" so to soeak and I find that %99 of my experience has been that the guest will return back to their original art.

Aikido is regarded as the "true" budo. It is very demanding if you wish to gain something out of it and is serious buisness. So the process of desensitizinf resensitizing is a must for everyone whether they realize it or not because no matter what the previous background is (even a couch potatoe), has to emerge into this mysterious and unique way of doing things that requires patience, understanding and etc. Even a knowledge of the culture from which O-sensei begat is important to understand what he was thinking in particular cases.

Great Comments to all!

Brad Medling
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