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Ueshiba's Aikido

ian wrote:

...Also, although we like to think that all Ueshiba's Uchideshis adapated their aikido to suit their body/temperament etc, I worry that really, all the uchideshis didn't get the whole picture and Ueshibas aikido was only practised by Ueshiba.
I thought that was a given. O Sensei's aikido ended with O Sensei. If you study a style from one of his students, you will reflect the styles of your instructors plus your own expression of aikido.

Much of aikido has to do directly with the person. Because of the personality of Morihei Ueshiba, much of his understanding has been forgotten. Many of his students mentioned that he spoke Japanese in a feudal manner, even though he lived in the 20th century.

Most of his students used what they understood and developed their aikido with those understandings. The only person whose approach might be slightly different is Saito Sensei of Iwami Ryu. It appears that he documented O Sensei's techniques, like a good modern journalist would do. Trying to leave out his own subjective feelings on the descriptions of the techniques.

Did Ueshiba have any special insights into aikido? Perhaps. During the last year of his life, Takahashi Sensei visited O Sensei in Japan. They were walking down a road, when the founder looked at Takahashi Sensei and said "I think I'm finally able to understand this Aikido thing (my paraphrasing)."

That was O Sensei's understanding. I'll have my understanding. You'll have your understanding.

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