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R.A. Robertson
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Hi Brad,

Ah, epistemology from a scientist! Should be fun!

Yes, there are many different kinds of truth, or many different aspects of Truth. Many roads there, many the path of delusion. Still, even a hallucination is a kind of truth. All experiences are real, but not all are consistent with each other.

For the scope of my article, I am simply interested in what is functionally true. That is, it should be empirically verifiable. Then, we will need tools that make that particular truth accessible to us. Visualization is one such tool. So, for example, many of the images we receive from our telescopes and microscopes may be enhanced with false color, to highlight details otherwise not visible. We know these colors, strictly speaking, are neither real nor true. Yet they may in some cases do a better job of communicating (a particular) truth than the unmodified image.

The truth is (sorry), all our means of apprehending reality are already filtered and modulated. Tuning our instruments may give us access to a broader spectrum, a narrower one, or selective bits across a range. This is fine when seeking truth, but very problematic practically and philosophically when seeking The Truth.

DaVinci Girl is a visualization, a pointer toward an unseen truth. Better ones are waiting to emerge, for whoever has the vision and the talent to realize it.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

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