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Shooting the legs.

Shooting the legs is a common wrestling technique designed to take the conflict to the floor (or mat).

Wrestlers circle each other bent at the waist looking to grab their opponent below their circle of gravity. Watch a wrestling match and learn how they use physics and brute strength.

The "shoot" happens when one of them see's and opening and dashes in, normally trying to get a shoulder behind his opponents knee. Or a bear hug around the legs with a shove to topple the opponent. Not much you can do then except fall.

Some of the more popular UCF styles emphasize shooting the legs because it leads to a lot of submission holds. Remember when "Shootfighting" was the rage from southern California? Anyways it isn't an attack most martial artist will ever face but it is something to be aware of.

And it's something to think about if some TKD aficiando tries a spinning roundhouse to your head. Duck and take out the knee.

But like I said. A knee to the face when they rush your legs can be a great deterent. Not being there is probably a better one.

If that doesn't clear things up I'll see if I can find pics on the web. Black Belt Magazine did an article on shooting the legs a while back.

Best of luck in training.


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