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I think aikido may continue to become increasingly split. I expect one section of the aiki community will go down the road of 'the harder you apply the technique the better' and it will revert more towards ju-jitsu. Another section will be almost dance orientated with superficial attacks and stylised movements which have no self-defence application.

Unfortunately I think that much of a 'blending' style aikido which is also suitable for self-defence will become increasingly rare. I thought it was interesting about aikido being used to assist people practising other martial arts esp. in competition. Maybe aikido will rub off on other martial arts and produce a more 'blending' approach.

Sorry to be cynical, but I think things tend to get watered down as they become less used in real situations. I'm sure we all know of various techniques that 'other people' practise, or styles which we think are completely ineffective. I think no matter how much we argue over it, its only stuff which is practised for real which can be really assessed for its effectiveness - and most people don't get the opportunity to do that to any extent.

Also, although we like to think that all Ueshiba's Uchideshis adapated their aikido to suit their body/temperament etc, I worry that really, all the uchideshis didn't get the whole picture and Ueshibas aikido was only practised by Ueshiba.

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