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Wow. I love your response, Deb. I will keep that in mind next time I hit a slump.

Speaking of which, to the user who started this thread: I have only been doing aikido for two years, but have already found myself falling into little training slumps now and then. On the whole, I am a dedicated (some would say pathological) student: on average, I probably train about 6-9 hours a week (maxing out at 12 sometimes); not a week goes by without practice, bar illness or injury; I attend seminars as often as possible; and my average attitude is pretty gung-ho.

But there are times when I don't feel that "surge of energy" you talked about, when it's all I can do to show up and go through the motions, and I freak out wondering where my old love for aikido went. Doesn't happen very often, and doesn't last long. But even after 2 years I've seen it enough to dismiss it without worrying. The thrill comes back, and aikido is its own justification again.
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