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Deb Fisher
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Just to be argumentative... I am picking up on the same thing Mark is, John.

I have *zero* experience in the dojo compared to you two, but have an art practice, a meditation practice and a yoga practice that I have committed more than ten years to, and man, that's the thing about any practice--at some point, the thrill goes and you have to grind through that, you have to face your own fickle humanity.

It is the most painful thing in the world, facing a lull in any practice, a period of dryness or questioning or lack or faithlessness. And I cannot think of a better way to make a practice richer and more meaningful than to endure those deserts.

I don't trust your easy dismissal and find it as hard to digest as Mark did because the most difficult work of any practice is figuring out what to do with it when you are exposed as a mere human who is frankly bored or disillusioned or distracted.

Deb Fisher
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