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Neil Mick
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Do symbol Exam Question for Beginning Aikidoists

Hello everyone:

I teach a college-level course in Elementary Aikido. Every term I give a short take-home test to students. Since I get a fair number of returning students, I like to give different exam-questions, every semester, to keep them on their toes.

If you were teaching my class, what exam question would you ask of your students?

Some questions I've asked in the past were:

* Martial art, or dance? Some have stated that Aikido is more properly a dance, than a martial art. Comment, and give concrete examples.

* Describe what is Aikido, and how O Sensei's philosophy of nonviolence fits in with the practice, of Aikido.

* Write a short expository paper on the life of O Sensei. Include short descriptions of three major influences in his life. What was the significance of his three visions?

(One question I recently thought up, but I discounted for simply being too evil, is...

* Describe ki. Include several concrete examples.

yes, I know: I have an eevil mind. )
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