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Re: Pressure

George S. Ledyard wrote:
But there is a place where the technique works without any increase in pressure.(snip)

Appliaction of technique in this manner reuires "whole body movement". Those who trained with Kuroda Sensei at the Expo will have experienced this concept. Basically, once the proper grip is established for the kotegaeshi, the rest of the technique happens when you move the body without changing the energy you are puuting in to the hands. The hands move simply because you move.

You can play with this conecpt on any throw or lock but it is easy to get a feeling using a simple technique like kotegaeshi.
I think the first technique it ever happened to me with was basic iriminage. The first dojo I trained at was fond of the "grab the collar and hurl em" version. Then I was shown the "nestle uke's head to your shoulder" version and discovered that, having done so, I was free to move at will, not thinking about doing anything to uke (not that I do it *well* with consistency...), and have been able to use that as a model for considering other applications of the principle.

What you say about the pitfalls of looking for the outcome is so true. I feel fortunate in that most of my instructors see if I'm falling into that one and remind me.

I look forward to an opportunity to train with you at a seminar someday; until then, will just say thank you so much for being part of this forum and for taking on the column as well.

Janet Rosen
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