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Re: Independent Dojos

tedehara wrote:
Recently, two independent dojos in my area have affiliated themselves with national organizations. Within the last few years all of the independents in my area have affiliated themselves.
Actually, you make a good point here. I've seen a number of folks recently affiliate or probably more accurately reaffiliate.

I tend to see aikidoists as more conservative than other martial arts groups. After all, they could have gone with a fashionable martial art like Gracie ju-jitsu rather than one that emphasized tradition and Japanese etiquette.
I don't know on this one. I'm certainly different than most folks here on the need for etiquette and tradition. I also came out of an independent dojo (since then I've been assimilated into the collective) so it's no big deal to me. In fact, if not for my current instructor, I'd probably be a ronin wandering from dojo to dojo which I still do. Maybe this warps my perspective (even more than it normally is) as to what everyone else is thinking.

As I think on it, I remember someone on this forum saying "it just makes sense to affiliate...." and my mind went ??????? so I'm probably just different. Still, it will be very interesting to see what happens in the future.
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