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To George and all!

Next thread forgive me if I don't respond to all remarks. I am new at this so, I feel it takes up too much space to reply to all but keept the comments coming!

Lets talk about this great article! The reason I posted in the frist place is becasue George hit it on the head for me. Aiki attacks should be real with intent and sensei should not force the technique for a certain level.

I was once at a seminar and a black belt was having trouble with a technique so he tried to finish with another. I thought he was just plum horse-playing and told him to stick to the technique. He looked at me funny.

Having said that, you see, I did not know any better because it was all I had been taught. After training elsewhere now, I see that it was totally acceptable. Lokking back, I felt like an ass. I hope this is related to the topic! I willnot post on this thread so, thanks to you all for the attention but its time to sit back and read. Good luck!

Brad Medling

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