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Ted Marr wrote:
Is it just me, or do we seem to have gotten off topic?

As far as I could tell, George was mainly writing about the perennial problem of how we should be training in Aikido. Brad saw him address a question (briefly) about how we deal with different training styles between locations, and comes more or less out of nowhere with an anecdote about how he felt unfairly treated by his sensei.

Now, I'm perfectly willing to give my opinion on Brad's case (which is to say, I think he was probably right to move to a different instructor, wrong to throw the kid too hard, and wrong to publically malign the guy)

But I think George was raising some good points that deserve discussion without being overshadowed here. Is it possible to get these threads separated?
Hi Ted!

Yes, I appologize to all for straying off topic. I never meant for that. In regard to his article the point is, many have lost the way of aiki! Aikido in some dojo is getting as mainstreamed as tai kwon do. I am for getting back to the intensity and tradition of the older days. whatcha think? In a seminar, you can always tell who has not been under auspicious instruction and training!

No one is perfect and I certainly still have to work on finding my technique. O-sensei once said that he can never duplicate the same technique twice. Why? It is impossible to duplicate the same intensity, angle, distance, etc..! So, each one is unique and different. I am mainly gentle and a good partner. 95% of the time I would throw a uke too soft but ther is still 5% that I might cross over. That is what training is about for beginners and advanced alike. Each time you do a technique, you shave one more layer off the rough.

Regarding my old sensei,I respect him as a human but thats it. If you read on O-sensei's history, he often had similar experiences when traveling from dojo to dojo. At times he was able to bow out politely and at others it ended in conflict and duel. Thanks!

Brad Medling
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