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Kyri Honigh wrote:
I'd just like to ask you one thing. If you knew the kid was too weak to take the fall. Why didn't you tone it down a bit? Your right about him having to be prepared for a more intense training if he was going to participate in an adult class. But I think Nage should be sensitive and try and feel what uke's capabilities are.
Hi Kyri!

I appreciate your question! Well, as i wrote somewhere, I trained with him over a year and felt he was more competant and capable. He was getting to the point of doing some breakfalls so naturally, he is fully able to handle a simple kokyunage fall as uke. Why? I cannot count the times I have thrown him with that before. So, YES! I do know what he can tolerate and not tolerate, he just did not slap the mat. Haven't we all done that, even at our levels????? Thank you!

Brad Medling

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