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Hi Anne!

Thank you so much for your reply. I generally agree. However, I do not expect a sensei to be as good nor teach at the level of a shihan, I do expect openess to expansion. Kobayashi-shihan instructed everyone of us to return to our places of training and spread what he had taught us! Now, it is frustrating when the sensei is not willing to recieve those instruction! I mean, If I were a sensei at that time, I would be glad for a senior studen to bring exciting new techniques back to share becasue I am humble and have no ego. I love to learn! I often get bored with the same outlooks and views on things so a twist is always refreshing. Don't you think?

Kobayashi-shihan pulled me aside and showed me some of his special tachniques. I felt honored. I also he picked me to perform kumitachi (sword against sword) with him in front of everyone. It was the single best moment in my aikido traning! What an honor!! NOt many can say they have exchanged blades with Kobayashi-shihan!

The nature of Kobayashi-shi if very meek and lowly. He is the most humble and effective sensei I have ever been priviliged to train under! He knows how to push you through your plateau. I admired him because most sensei only call yudansha (black belt) out to demonstrate but he was calling out white and yellow belts at times and I watched with admiration and the chance he gave those beginners to shine with a aikido legend!

So, at the place I tranined, this kind of humility was not demonstrated. I am in favor of beginners from 4th kyu and up occasionally leading warm-ups/ki exercises to make the learn them and to let them practice leading. I mean, you cannot wait until shodan to begin this as the experience will need to already be there.

Also, randori is to seize chaos. In the 4 yrs of me training there it was discussed only 2 times. Once was with just sensei and myself! There are many ways to effectively begin teaching the principles of randori in a manner that is safe and not full blown by any means. It got to the point where my drive was not worth it because my training I felt was retroactive!

I hope this helps clear it up. Thank you!

Brad Medling
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