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Ted is right. We strayed. I guess we couldn't resist giving this kid some advice.

George's article points out several good ideas and points of view. As an instructor, I will definitely integrate some of his thoughts in my future training. I also ran across several articles by Dr. Linden (sp.?) on similar issues of training and relaxation as pointed out by George, although in a slightly different context. They both have given me new things to experiment with while teaching. Dr. Linden's articles point out some excellent exercises in forcing us to be aware of our own body tension as well as the resistance in the uke. I have always used the fact that if you are tense or fighting with your attacker, you cannot feel the "soft" points of the energy. Your body will not let you send and receive at the same time.

George, I always enjoy your musings. It helps us shake out of the old habit patterns and break the molds that we have inherited from our instructors.
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