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Thank you for your replies.

Mr. Dobro: I didn't mean to suggest that Aikido is throws - that I feel was clearly established in earlier posts made by me and by others. Even in the last post I made I used the expression, "regularly agreed upon Aikido waza." So pick your choice, even among what you suggest (i.e. restraints, licks, controls, pins, evasions, strikes), it matters not. The question I raised is a simple one and one that cannot be glossed over by simply saying Aikido is many things. This question is forced upon us because while it may be true that Aikido is many things, it is not all things. Strikes were used as an example here solely because that is the tactic brought up in the thread the most and/or thus far. It should not be taken in a limiting way.

If you would like to have a more abstract version of the question - here it is: "How can you maintain aiki by violating aiki?" It's a trick question, to be sure, but one no one seems to be seeing nonetheless.

Mr. Riggs: Since I wrote it in an earlier post of mine within this thread - I can just stick with that in answer to your question. Here is what I said then concerning how we can understand aiki in this case: "If one would allow me to not have to go too deeply into the various historical understandings of both the ura and omote takes on what Ďaiki' is and/or is not, I would like to say here that Ďaiki' could be understood as the use of the opponent's energy against him/herself (that is to say, using their energy toward our own designs which we can say are at the moment not in total agreement with that of the attacker)."

Please let me know if that suffices or not.

Thank you,


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