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Unliftable Body

[quote]DiNalt wrote:
I don't know what the trick is based on - weight shifting or the fact that you become limp and simply slide out of the person's arms.

I don't particularly believe in it though because I saw a high-ranking person demonstrate it and it didn't work.
That's it exactly! You need to know why this works and what it's demonstrating!

Even though this seems like a simple TRICK, there are several important ways you can go wrong. This doesn't matter how high ranking the person is.

But look at it this way:[list=1][*] Expert A does a shiho-nage and it works [*] I try the same shiho-nage and it doesn't work [*] Does this mean the shiho-nage technique doesn't work [*] NO! It just means that my shiho-nage technique doesn't work [/list=1]
Of course, this means you need to suspend your disbelief until you can find someone who can adequately demonstrate and explain unliftable body.

Be patient, there are people out there who can show you. It may not be tomorrow or even next month, but if you keep your eyes open, you'll find them.

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