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Mark-I've been training over 16 years; it's a mind set. I was not intending to make it negative. Sometimes the art is just not for everyone. I have never been burned out even when I was training 7 days a week. I also learn something-even if it is a small distinction, even when I am teaching, every time I step on the mat. I approach it with that mentality and it has never failed me. I'm sure there are others. The only time I ever felt like not training was with a serious injury-I just wrapped it up and went anyway. When I had knee surgery from 7 days a week training, I did standing weapons katas and suburi. Maybe I'm odd that way but I never did not want to train. I had a period when I could not train-money, school, etc. but even then I kept my books and waited unti I could do it. When I was able to do 7 days a week it was not easy-had to attend 3 dojos one of which was a 45 minute drive 3 days a week. It was just in my blood I guess. Sorry if I came across negative I was just trying to be realistic.
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